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  • Joseph Whalen

    Dissecting the SIMPLE RC Designation Letter

    15 Aug 16:30

     An article examining and describing characteristics of one variety of Regional Center Designation.  This variety may soon become indicitive of the MAJORITY of Initial Regional Center Designations.
  • Joseph Whalen

    Don't Count on a Regional Center "Sunset"

    02 Sep 14:23

     I am not worried about the possible "sunset" of the law that allows for the existence of EB-5 Regional Center. EVEN IF it does "sunset", it is "more likely than  not" that...
  • Joseph Whalen

    Don't Leave Your Economist Out of the Loop

    11 Dec 22:34

     So, you are putting together a new EB-5 project either as an actual or exemplar for either an I-924 as either an initial or amendment or perhaps filing an exemplar I-526 (for the first alien investor or if ...
  • Joseph Whalen

    Due Diligence: NOT Just A Catchphrase

    30 Nov 02:40

    Companies have sprung up for the express purpose of performing “due diligence” for EB-5. Great! What the heck do they mean by that? The term “due diligence” has a variety of meanings in a ...
  • Joseph Whalen

    E-2 to EB-5 Is Not Easy

    11 Aug 07:24

     While it may be possible to start out as an E-2 Treaty Trader and then seek an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa, it is NOT easy and many mistakes can be made along the way.  Read more about it in attached ...
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-2 Entrepreneur Guidance

    29 Oct 23:13

     When EB-5 is not a good fit BUT your business plan is more substantial than a "subsistence level" mom-n-pop family run business, EB-2 COULD be an alternative. Please read all about it here. 
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-2 NIW for Entrepreneurs, inventors, and researchers too!

    16 Dec 23:45

     One of the November 2014 Memos from the DHS Secretary contains a Directive to clarify and expand the criteria for an EB-2 Immigrant Visa accompanied by a request for a National Interest Waiver (NIW) [of a j...
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 "Capital" "Investment" Defined

    03 Dec 19:52

    The attached discusses, in a preliminary manner, how to interpret and apply the 8 CFR definitions of "Capital" and "Invest" to your EB-5 financial arrangements.
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 "Exemplars"

    15 Aug 23:58

     One word used in two ways in EB-5 has lead to confusion. Read about it... 
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 & Other Links

    17 Aug 15:01

     These are lists of my published articles, to date (8-17-12) and some slightly older items. Enjoy!
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 Backlog for China?

    20 Dec 13:04

     This may just be speculation but the signs are pointing in this direction............
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 Entitlement?

    24 Mar 20:57

    I posted this elsewhere a little while ago (Sat. 3/24/12) and it seemed to be quite poular with over 550 views in an hour or so. I did not want anyone at this site to miss out.
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 in Historical Perspective

    10 Apr 11:36

    The EB-5 Visa was created BEFORE the Pilot Program and Regional Center concepts came into being.  The original regulations came first and only addressed the EB-5 Visa intended for the stand-alone true entrep...
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 Nexus of Infrastructure

    06 Dec 17:41

    A lesser point made by Izzumi pertains to establishing a sufficient EB-5 money to jobs nexus. Ponder this: IF an EB-5 RC Project builds an airport can it lay claim to the all the positions held by the aircraft ...
  • Joseph Whalen

    EB-5 October 16th 2012 Engagement

    16 Sep 12:05

     I submitted some agenda items for the upcoming EB-5 Engagement. See attached.