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8325 Crossland Loop, P.O. Box 11032, Montgomery AL 36111-0032
  1. Agricultural fertilizer and nutrient manufacturing
  2. Agriculture & farming (animal & produce) operations
  3. Cruise line support services
  4. Health care facilities management
  5. Leisure, hospitality & entertainment establishments (food and beverage establishments)
  6. Technology, Bio-science, Information manufacturing and research facilities development
  7. Advanced logistic operations
  8. Automotive research
  9. Bio-Tech and alternative fuels manufacturing and research facilities
  10. Commercial, Industrial and retail (mixed use) property development and management
  11. Educational & school services
  12. Entertainment complexes
  13. Hotel, lodging & resort development / management
  14. Industrial manufacturing
  15. Medical Facilities Development
  16. Professional office building development
  17. Retail shopping centers
  18. Retail Trade
  19. Transportation, warehousing, Intermodal traffic and cargo distribution
  1. Alabama
  2. Mississippi
  3. Tennessee
  4. Florida

America's Center for Foreign Investment, LLC

Mission Statement

America's Center for Foreign Investment, LLC  (ACFI) is committed to providing the highest quality EB-5 consulting services to assist individuals in complying with all aspects of the EB-5 Program and the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program (“IIPP”) for regional centers. ACFI carefully identifies, evaluates, and selects investment projects which meet EB-5 Program requirements and works with two contract economists from Troy University and the University of Alabama to run the necessary economic impact analysis to determine job creation and economic impact as required by the Program.  ACFI assists investors’ lawyers and financial consultants in obtaining the conditional green card and in filing for a permanent green card by helping investment project developers assemble securities offerings to provide to investors' immigration lawyers. investor eligible for a permanent green card.

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Who We Are

On June 11, 2007, the Alabama Center for Foreign Investment, LLC, was officially designated as the Regional Center for the entire state of Alabama. ACFI as one of the first three statewide centers in the nation and also introduced a new business model:  the EB-5 investment project hosting concept. On October 21, 2009, ACFI's expansion -- which includes the entire state of Tennessee, and large portions of Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia -- was approved by USCIS.
ACFI participates in the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program (EB-5 immigrant visa category), an employment-creation visa program that affords foreign nationals the opportunity to become permanent residents in the United States. See ACFI Approval Letter from USCIS.

ACFI Facts

ACFI’s founders have more than 50 years of combined experience in finance, immigration law, economic development, and governmental relations.
ACFI works closely with statewide, regional, and local economic development organizations to enhance the economies in a five-state region covered by the regional center.  ACFI endeavors to benefit these economies and living conditions in rural areas and areas of high unemployment. In addition, ACFI may work with project developers to find foreign capital for troubled businesses, and for expansion existing businesses.
The regional center is 
structured for direct foreign investment in new commercial enterprises at the lower minimum investment amount of $500,000, which will be used to create at least 10 direct, indirect, or induced U.S. worker jobs per investor.

Note: ACFI will only entertain queries from accredited investors as defined by federal law.