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860 Peachtree Street, Ste. 2602 Atlanta, GA 30345
  1. Apparel manufacturing
  2. Commercial, Industrial and retail (mixed use) property development and management
  3. Educational & school services
  4. Health & medical care services
  5. Household furniture and furnishings manufacturing
  6. Industrial manufacturing
  7. Leasehold improvements, renovation of industrial facilities
  8. Leisure, hospitality & entertainment establishments (food and beverage establishments)
  9. Retail Trade
  10. Technology, Bio-science, Information manufacturing and research facilities development
  11. Transportation, warehousing, Intermodal traffic and cargo distribution
  12. Food Processing
  13. Health & fitness development
  14. Medical Facilities Development
  15. Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities development / management
  16. Professional and business service
  17. Professional office building development
  18. Retail shopping centers
  1. Georgia
Georgia Center for Foreign Investment and Development, GCFID LLC

Georgia Center for Foreign Investment and Development, GCFID LLC

Georgia Center for Foreign Investment and Development (“GCFID”) is the first United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”) designated Regional Center in the state of Georgia. The purpose of GCFID is to create jobs and promote sustainable economic growth through the investment and development of real estate related projects throughout Georgia. The GCFID team is composed of experienced real estate professionals, investment professionals, and immigration attorneys. Beyond providing quality investments, GCFID is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to investors and their families.

GCFID works hand in hand with the local, regional and state authorities to deploy EB-5 funding (and other sources, as appropriate) to create jobs and promote sustainable economic growth in Georgia. Through real estate construction, renovation and management activities addressing, but not limited to, investment in tourism, hospitality, technology, transportation, manufacturing and trade, health services, education, commercial office and mixed use, food service industry and retail trade sectors. To date, the GCFID investment track record includes a historic conversion of The Carnegie Building to a Marriott Courtyard hotel, a distressed senior living facility - Towne Club at Peachtree City, a hospital relocation and expansion - Mountain Lakes Hospital, and a historic office renovation.

We strive to offer a variety of quality projects that are further supported by a “best-in-class” level of customer service and on behalf of our investors, it’s our goal to provide the following:

  1. Secure your Green Card (by offering a well-capitalized project for which the job creation requirement is prudent);
  2. Investment protection (100% of the project returns are put against the investor capital accounts until fully paid back); and
  3. Return on investment (note: In line with USCIS guidelines, we have a put option after five years to enable investors to exit once they have achieved permanent residency status).

We fully recognize how sensitive and overwhelming the topic of immigration can be to you and your family. It’s our desire to assist you in this process so that your experience is satisfactory, rewarding, and completed in a timely manner.