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6547 Midnight Pass, Suite 3, Sarasota, FL 34242
  1. Commercial, Industrial and retail (mixed use) property development and management
  2. Agricultural fertilizer and nutrient manufacturing
  3. Agriculture & farming (animal & produce) operations
  4. Educational & school services
  5. Entertainment complexes
  6. Food Processing
  7. Health care facilities management
  8. Hotel, lodging & resort development / management
  9. Industrial manufacturing
  10. Leasehold improvements, renovation of industrial facilities
  11. Leisure, hospitality & entertainment establishments (food and beverage establishments)
  12. Medical Facilities Development
  13. Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities development / management
  14. Professional office building development
  15. Retail automotive dealerships
  16. Retail shopping centers
  17. Retail Trade
  18. Sports complex development
  1. Florida
Florida Overseas Investment Center RC

Florida Overseas Investment Center RC

The Florida Overseas Investment Center was approved by USCIS on September 17, 2009 and is the proud sponsor of the Atlantic American Opportunities Fund.  Up until now most, if not all, Regional Centers are essentially single asset real estate projects, usually sponsored by a real estate developer. In contrast, our Regional Center is organized in a state-wide fund structure, managed on behalf of the EB-5 investors by investment professionals who have raised and successfully invested over $1.5 billion in private equity funds.  Our Regional Center (Florida Overseas Investment Center ( offers several advantages that other regional centers do not have, namely: 
        Florida Overseas Investment Center (FOIC) and Atlantic American Opportunities Fund (AAOF) offer the only Regional Center investment option with a diversified approach to investing:
        Increasing the likelihood of meeting EB-5 job creation requirement.
        Minimizing the risk of principal loss.
        Only Regional Center with third party professional fund management expertise.
       Professional accounting and administration personnel.
        Only Regional Center without inherent conflict of interest between investor and developer (we are not a developer and no cross ownership between Regional Center and the Fund) and no SEC conflicts.

·        Management team has experience investing in job creating enterprises in Florida’s TEAs, creating almost 4,000 jobs over the past several years, according to the IMPLAN model.
        AAOF’s principals also manage a real estate fund investing in similar geographic areas, creating investing synergies with respect to helping identify and underwrite and bridge investment opportunities.
        Florida’s population is forecast to grow to 18 million in the next few years, surpassing NY as the third most populous state.  FOIC and AAOF’s state-wide mandate offers numerous opportunities to put investor dollars to work in job creating enterprises.