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Yoo Seung Kim, President and CEO
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5406 Upland Trail Middleton, WI 53562
  1. Technology, Bio-science, Information manufacturing and research facilities development
  1. Wisconsin
Ecorntech Regional Center

Ecorntech Regional Center

Ecorntech is pioneering the technologies and processes to transform corn stover, the world’s most abundant form of agriculture residue — into one of the world’s best performing, cost efficient, and earth-friendly lines of composite board, and paper pulp based products.

We are taking a leading role in the Green revolution by influencing profound environmental change through the reduction of deforestation, CO2 emissions, dangerous substances, and desertification around the world.

Ecorntech, inc., A U.S. corporation, has proprietary technology to convert corn stover into fiber which we use to manufacture paper, particleboard, and composite board.

Our technical know how has been tested and reviewed by the united States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Products Laboratory (FPL).  Our products have also been tested by the Korean Institute of Construction Materials which certified our products as being equal to or better than wood fiber based products.  In addition to these tests, we have done full-scale factory production of our products in China and in South Korea.


By using corn stover as a substitute for wood fiber, we hope to lessen the demand for virgin hardwood.  We also hope that reducing this demand will preserve forests and help combat CO2 emissions.  In addition, since our process require fewer chemicals and less energy we will have a smaller “footprint” than wood fiber based manufacturers.