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375 North University Drive, Plantation, FL 33324

U.S. Prosperity Regional Center

The Regional Center was authorized by USCIS on July 30, 2013 pursuant to the EB-5 Program. As a Regional Center designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the "U.S. Prosperity Regional Center" (USPRC) is authorized to collect and distribute EB-5 visa program "job creation credits" (both direct and indirect) to participating foreign entrepreneurs supporting their immigrant visa requirements. The Job creation credits are derived from our involvement in the development of large mixed-use real estate projects throughout South Florida, including hotel, retail, industrial and other commercial developments.

The U.S. Prosperity Regional Center is capably managed by a team of business professionals who have the experience, resources and skill necessary to run the Regional Center effectively and in compliance with all EB-5 Program requirements.  These professionals, with the assistance of a team of highly-qualified EB-5 and business consultants, will manage and administer the development, finance, marketing, legal and accounting functions associated with the operation of a successful USCIS-approved regional center.