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William B. Hungerford Jr., President Timothy O. Milbrath, Vice President
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3421 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 301 New Orleans, LA 70002
  1. Gaming & casino development
  2. Hotel, lodging & resort development / management
  3. Leasehold improvements, renovation of industrial facilities
  4. Medical Facilities Development
  5. Shipbuilding
  1. Louisiana
  2. Mississippi

New Orleans' Mayor's Office RC

NobleOutReach (NOR) helps foreign nationals and Immigrant Investors:

  • Invest in America through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program, and
  • Diversify risk and gain access to United States immigration benefits.

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor program was Congressionally approved into law and created by the United States to attract and invest foreign capital into The New Orleans Regional Center (RC). The New Orleans Regional Center provides foreign investors and their families with a means of obtaining permanent U.S. residency through a green card. NobleOutReach, through its private equity investment funds, is focused on investing in profitable businesses along the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. NobleOutReach was awarded the exclusive 30-year contract with New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) to perform all of the operational and financial aspects of the EB-5 investment activities.

New Orleans has transitioned from a city in crisis to a city in recovery. In the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, exciting rebuilding opportunities exist. Today, New Orleans is a "greenfield" of "ground floor" investment opportunities. Few people have ever seen the opportunities, and even fewer people have taken advantage of them. With NobleOutReach's 30-year exclusive EB-5 investment contract with the City of New Orleans, NobleOutReach and its funds' investors are uniquely poised to take advantage of investment opportunities at below market values. The Fund believes that New Orleans market has the potential for a significant rise in values, providing excellent benefits for early investors.

NobleOutReach is working to invest private capital in the New Orleans Region to:

  • Launch profitable businesses,
  • Rebuild troubled businesses,
  • Provide Economic Revitalization,
  • Aid in the job creation for New Orleans, and most importantly,
  • Accelerate the revitalization of New Orleans via capital investments in for-profit businesses designed to bring strong financial returns to the investors.