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7819 42 Street West, Rock Island, IL USA 61201
CMB Illinois Regional Center, LLC

CMB Illinois Regional Center, LLC

CMB, an acronym for “California Military Base” or “Closed Military Base”, strives to be the finest EB-5 Regional Center in the United States. The focus of CMB Regional Centers is upon investors first. Accordingly, CMB realizes that investors generally have three objectives: permanent residency, ultimate repayment of investment, and some rate of return on the investment. CMB’s success record leaves little doubt that CMB Regional Center’s business model has a successful, investor-centric approach. Through its success, CMB has learned that by following the investor-centric business model, all parties involved in CMB Partnerships prosper. These various stakeholders include: the foreign national investor, the communities within the Regional Center, American workers, and federal, state and local governments.

CMB Regional Centers carefully consider the location of all projects to ensure that the project qualifies as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) if the investor capital contribution is going to take place at the reduced $500,000 investment threshold. Previous CMB investors have considered our model and determined that it is one of the safest and most secure EB-5 investments being offered. This is because the CMB model carefully addresses both investor and USCIS concerns. While previous investments were located in clearly identified TEA’s, CMB’s recent investment embarks on our first non-TEA project that will require a $1,000,000 investment from each EB-5 investor.