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California Golden Pacific Regional Center

California Golden Pacific Regional Center

The U.S. Golden Pacific Regional Centers provide an opportunity for foreign investors looking to obtain permanent residency through the EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program. U.S. Golden Pacific, through its numerous and expanding network of regional centers, connects foreign investors with quality development projects across the United States. U.S. Golden Pacific has many different types of projects on a continuing basis. Two key principles drive our fundamental directives – obtaining the permanent residency status for investors and diligence, safety, and security of the investment project to preserve investment capital. Examples of types of projects would include award winning Hollywood TV series and movie productions, Ivy League University expansion and improvement projects, U.S. NFL (National Football League) stadium projects, Municipal and/or State infrastructure projects, Real Estate development projects, Educational facilities and operations projects, Medical and Hospital facilities and operations projects, Oil and Natural Resource and Refinement projects, and many more. Unlike many other projects that are looking for EB-5 funding because they are not able to get funding from banks and other sources in the U.S., our projects are all proven and existing successful projects that have or are able to get funding, but are working with us to provide investors the opportunity for a safe and secure investment under the EB-5 program.