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One Alliance Center 3500 Lenox Road NE Suite 680 Atlanta, GA. 30326
Southern States Regional Center

Southern States Regional Center

 Southern States Regional Center is managed by a proven team of professionals with experience in real estate, finance, government, immigration law and construction. Our management team is dedicated to the strategic alignment of capital resources to generate economic growth and create a path for lawful citizenship to qualified immigrant investors. We differientiate our firm by standing on our a winning solution for the investor and developer ensuring the benefits are clear - the jobs get created and the funding is secure.

Southern States Regional Center is designated and licensed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) as an official EB-5 Regional Center. 
Why Choose Southern States Regional Center?
The SSRC management team has completed in excess of $4 billion in transactional volume
Job Creation and EB-5 funding stability are our primary goals
SSRC brings a suite of creative funding solutions in addition to EB-5, to include other sources of capital
A true strategic partnership between SSRC, Investors, Developers, Regional Development Authorities and other city, state and federal agencies
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, a global hub of business, entertainment and education, and home of the worlds busiest airport
An income stream to the Regional Development Authority from finance fees
Real Estate development projects overseen by top tier management and Atlanta City government entities
EB-5 funding often made in conjunction with government captial funding
Projects located in Targeted Employment Area
EB-5 funds are held in federal government agency insured bank escrow account until the I-529 Petition is approved
SSRC capital is sponsor/developer friendly and can be brought to a project faster and cheaper than many domestic sources