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Lion’s Regional Center

Lion’s Regional Center

 Lion’s Property Development Group Beijing was established in China as an answer to the needs of China’s most elite residents. Our clients have a desire and the means to further develop their wealth for generations to come. They have a need for investment in less volatile and diversified markets to preserve and expand their wealth. Finally, our clients have a desire to maximize their enjoyment of the lifestyle their prosperity brings. Our mission at Lion’s Property is to develop, preserve and promote the enjoyment of wealth for our clients.

Our clients reap the benefits of Lion’s vast experience in strategic market and property selection. Our rigorous analysis of the demands of our clients and market supply allow us to identify value in the New York and Miami and Las Vegas markets. The properties we offer in these markets provide stable, modern and luxurious investments; and, with ownership, allow our clients to develop, promote and accentuate their wealth. For more information about current investment opportunities see Properties. 
Our cultivation of solid, lasting relationships with premier developers over the past thirty years; means we can put these relationships to work for you, allowing you to enjoy the lowest pre-construction pricing of the most exclusive luxury properties.
Lion’s is committed to assisting our clients through every step of their property purchase and able to provide a variety of related services including: property leasing and management, visa assistance, and private school and university placement.  
Lion’s Property Development Group was founded by a team of experienced partners led by Chaim Katzap. Our operations opened in China in the first quarter of 2007. Katzap Realty Services, our parent company, is a 24 year old brokerage firm representing buyers and sellers in the residential, commercial and retail real estate sectors and is based out of New York City.