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APIC Regional Center, LLC

APIC Regional Center, LLC

 American Pacific International Capital (APIC) is a private investment firm registered in the State of Oregon since 1998. APIC focuses on uniting the businesses and opportunities in China and the US.

The company was originally called Wilson Environmental Consulting and it focused on environmental related consultation, education, and trade. In 2002, the company joined forces with private investment firms and became American Pacific International Capital (APIC), shifting its focus to real-estate investment, import-export, private label product development, and acquisitions. Its business operations are now in the US, China, and Southeast Asia.
APIC is actively looking for potential investment and business acquisition opportunities in the US and Asia (China, Hong Kong, and Singapore) that are in need of capital assistance. We have partnered with a vast network of private investors in order to pursue business expansions into the US and elsewhere through capital injection, acquisition, and merger.