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Farm for America Regional Center

Farm for America Regional Center

 Farm for America Regional Center has been formed to facilitate immigration into the United States through the EB-5  Visa Program. Investments made in association with the EB-5 Regional Center Visa program will require participants to invest a minimum of $500,000 in a United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) approved geographic area for economic development. Investment capital will be fully committed. There will be no guarantees, buy back arrangements, unsecured promissory notes, or other agreements or arrangements.

In accordance with the Regional Center Visa Program, an investment in a designated regional center qualifies the investor to be eligible to apply for a two-year conditional green card. At the end of the conditional period, and in order to continue legal residence in the United States, the investor must demonstrate that his or her investment in the regional center’s target employment area created a minimum of ten direct or indirect jobs and that the investment was fully dedicated to the project for a two year period. Investors who choose to invest in Farm for America will meet this job creation requirement because they will be investing in Central Washington’s agricultural industry.
Capital invested with Farm for America is proposed to be applied toward the purchase and development of irrigated and non-irrigated agricultural property in the Columbia River Valley of Central Washington. Real estate acquisitions will be suitable for row crops (grains, potatoes, and vegetables) and permanent crops (fruit orchards and vineyards). Once land has been acquired, Farm for America will invest in agricultural infrastructure such as specialty and poly-cultural crop development, irrigation equipment and access, and organic crop production. Our analysis of existing farming operations indicates that investment in agricultural methodologies, infrastructure, and technology will stimulate new economic activity and help to retain existing jobs in the rural agricultural communities within the Regional Center’s targeted geographic area. We anticipate that five direct and a minimum of six indirect jobs will be created for a combined total of eleven jobs for each $500,000 committed.