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2600 Centre Square West, 1500 Market St., Philadelphia, PA, 19102-2126
  1. Educational & school services
  2. Hotel, lodging & resort development / management
  3. Leasehold improvements, renovation of industrial facilities
  4. Retail Trade
  5. Shipbuilding
  6. Technology, Bio-science, Information manufacturing and research facilities development
  7. Transportation, warehousing, Intermodal traffic and cargo distribution
  1. Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) Regional Center

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) Regional Center

Qualifying investment opportunities offered by the PIDC Regional Center will be recommended and monitored by PIDC. Current projects include manufacturing companies, professional firms, restaurants, hospitals and universities, as well as major real estate developments, among others. Investments will be made through separate limited partnerships. Each immigrant investor who seeks an EB-5 investor visa through the PIDC Regional Center will join a limited partnership. Limited partners will be actively involved in policy-making activities of their investment partnership to the extent permitted by the Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 1976. The General Partner of each limited partnership will be CanAm, G.P., LLC or an affiliate.

An investment will be in the amount of $539,000, representing the minimum $500,000 capital required by the Program and an issue expense fee of $39,000. Please note that legal fees related to services provided by an immigration attorney are strictly between the investor and his or her attorney and not included in this fee.

The USCIS requires that some financial risk be inherent to an investment and that third party investment guarantees not be allowed. As a result, we cannot guarantee the investment return. However, subject to these requirements, we do make all best efforts to minimize the amount of risk by ensuring that the investment is properly collateralized and that the partnership is in strong financial standing. The PIDC Regional Center pools multiple investors together into one project, which means the project itself will be larger and financially more stable than it would be for an individual investor alone.