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  1. Advanced logistic operations
  2. U.S. Customs bonded warehouse & examination services
  3. Transportation, warehousing, Intermodal traffic and cargo distribution
  1. California
American Logistics International Regional Center

American Logistics International Regional Center

Designing, controlling and continually improving the complex global flows of goods from suppliers to production lines and then on to resellers, right the way through to the point of sale, is a challenge that few logistics service providers can meet.

Many years ago ALI entered the specialized world of supply chain management. This was in response to requests from a number of our customers for more integrated transport solutions. Our experience of Air and Ocean Freight, combined with the global coverage provided by our hub and sub-hub structure and integrated Road and Rail Feeder Network, provides an excellent foundation from which to develop our Supply Chain Management solutions. From these roots we have grown to become one of the world’s leading logistics providers.

Today, and indeed every day, sees our global team of experienced people, operating in several offices  apply their passion for finding better and smarter ways of solving your logistics requirements. It is their unshakeable belief that nothing is impossible which is responsible for the continuous improvement of our Customer Service.

You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations. You benefit from every new innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Ocean Freight products, whether it means a development in warehousing, or whether it requires a completely new integrated supply chain model. Because every new solution adds to the wealth of our experience, and therefore our competence and credibility. All of which explains why you’ll find the team at ALI ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business.

Single-source solutions

Our approach to designing and developing Supply Chain Management solutions is based on a simple premise: to help you get your goods to market in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, wherever that market might be. That means we focus our attention and resources on delivering solutions which reduce your inventory and supply chain costs, shorten lead times and improve your overall productivity. This gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best.

We recognize that close cooperation between a client and its logistics partner is needed to plan and manage the entire supply chain, to streamline operations and improve accountability.  As your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) we will invest the time and expertise needed to fully understand your business before designing our proposals to improve your supply chain.

We take responsibility for the performance of all our logistics services suppliers. And for ensuring the availability of the resources and equipment needed to control the flow of goods under our charge.  Our Lead Logistics Concept is based on two distinct areas: Logistics Solutions and Information Solutions.

Logistics Solutions

All ALI Logistics Solutions are developed and supported by logistics experts who organize and manage the Physical Cargo Flow. Our experience and understanding of complex supply and demand chains allow us to synchronize cargo flows and warehousing and increase the overall efficiency of your logistics operations.

Consulting and planning

The starting point for an ALI Supply Chain Management solution is always the same. Firstly, our consulting team will analyze your existing logistics processes including the flow of material, stock levels and information management systems. Next, we assign a project management team to work closely with your management and employees to gain a detailed knowledge of your needs prior to preparing our initial proposals.

Finally, once our proposals and plans have been approved, we move to the implementation phase. It is at this point that our logistics and information resources and systems are brought into play to deliver the innovative solutions that will optimize your supply chain and reduce your logistics costs.

Selection and management of logistics service suppliers

To ensure the proposals are properly implement ed, ALI applies proven processes and management tools including SWOT analyses and measurement of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), as well as alert systems and exception management reporting. This enables us to select and manage the right mix of suppliers and to identify warehousing and distribution facilities best suited to your needs. Our freedom to work with best-in-class supply partners around the world stems from our asset-free operating style as well as our Central Procurement and Capacity Management resources. Together they allow us to determine the suppliers and resources that best meet your needs.


Warehousing is, of course, a critical component in any Supply Chain Management solution. Warehouses provide the collection, consolidation and clearing points within the supply chain which allow it to function efficiently. However, warehousing must also be flexible in size and easy to equip, allowing us to accommodate individual requirements such as temperature-controlled storage or advanced security systems.

We will select sites with the set-up you need, sites located within easy access of both your facilities and established transport routes. That way we can meet the short cycle times demanded by you.

Our main services cover:

• Order Fulfillment
• Pick and Pack
• Special Handling
• Barcode Scanning
• Inventory Visibility
• Warehouse and Inventory Management
• Bonded Warehousing
• High End Security Capabilities Management


We provide a comprehensive, flexible spectrum of distribution and warehousing services that are available throughout our global network. Leading-edge information technology and connectivity offers real-time visibility to inventory. This combination of coverage and technology offers seamless control over a global supply chain.

Global Services

In addition to traditional distribution center management, we offer a full range of distribution services:

• Cross Dock
• Domestic Transportation
• Finished Goods Distribution
• In-Transit Assembly
• Light Assembly
• Merge in Transit
• Pick and Pack
• Product Postponement / Localization
• Product Rework
• Raw Materials Kitting
• Remote Spare Parts Distribution
• Retail Distribution
• Returns Program
• Vendor Managed Inventory

Professional Management

We provide local expertise with a variety of backgrounds such as technology, apparel, engineering, manufacturing, retail, and many others, who are supported by our global infrastructure, capable of managing even the most complicated distribution needs. Our commitment to training and use of standard processes ensures your business objectives are met.

Service, Size and Scope
ALIs' Distribution Services has many customers in different industries around the globe. One system in use and our dedication to training, allows us to start Distribution Services anywhere in the world.

Your product cannot be sold or used during the transportation process. ALIs' cross-dock expertise allows you to turn your product quickly and efficiently to reduce the transit time to the end user.

Finished Goods Distribution / Pick and Pack
ALI can reduce the costs associated with the warehouse, equipment, systems, and personnel associated with distribution by offering flexible solutions to your distribution needs. ALI is positioned to locate your product close to your customer wherever they are. With the ever-increasing demand by customers for shorter lead times ALI can assist you around the globe.

Light Assembly
ALI flexible staffing as well as our worldwide locations provides an excellent opportunity for you to reduce costs by having some of your less complex assembly processes managed by our capable operations. ALI gives you the ability to start up quickly and do so without huge overhead costs. Examples of this activity include product upgrades, memory installation, firmware installation, cable attachment, or fixed disc installation.

Merge in Transit
ALI can manage all facets of the Merge-in-Transit process. Inbound receipts, storage, and shipment to end-users after the parts have been picked, documentation changing /inclusion, legalization of documentation and product inspection.

Product Postponement / Localization
Hold fewer inventories in our warehouse to allow you to manage PO time frames, quotas, and delivery dates. Add the appropriate documentation or power cables at the time of delivery to the end user.

Product Rework
ALI flexible staffing as well as our worldwide locations provides an excellent opportunity for you to reduce costs by having some of your less complex rework processes managed by our capable operations. ALI gives you the ability to start up quickly and do so without huge overhead costs.

Raw Materials Kitting
ALI can use its network of warehouse and distribution facilities to receive these raw materials, kit them in the manner acceptable to the manufacturing plant, and deliver them "Just-In-Time" to the appropriate line reducing costs and increasing your lines productivity and decreasing your inventory carrying costs.

Remote Spare Parts Distribution
Whether you are supporting a field service organization or simply making spare parts available to a customer quickly without the added shipping costs associated with a single centrally located warehouse, ALI can help you by putting your spare parts near the installed machinery and repair technicians.

Vendor Managed Inventory
ALI can provide you or a supplier with a quick and easy way to set up local warehousing and distribution without the large investment in infrastructure. ALI system will enable you to have stock levels of multiple vendors easily reported and show transactions in those inventories.