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Common Myths involved in EB-5 Projects

  • Government “support” leads to safer investments

  • Past I-829 approvals are an indicator of future successful removal of conditions

  • Firms or individuals who are paid a “finder’s fee” can remain objective and independent

  • Attorneys who have signed “non-investment advisory” agreements with clients will be free from investor litigation

  • There are insurance policies which protect the value of the investment

  • Investment in commodity based investments are safer than non-commodity based investments

  • “Loan” based projects are safer than single entity equity investments

  • New commercial enterprises are safer investments than troubled businesses

These are only a few common misconceptions regarding EB-5 visa investments, there are many additional ones.  Only a careful review of the offering documents and a detailed examination of the business plan, compared to similar assets will provide a true reflection of an assets estimated value and the probability that the commercial entity will provide a full return of principal at term.