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Jim Lynch

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Jim Lynch
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Jim Lynch

James H. Lynch
Mr. Lynch has been active in new product development and early stage venture capital for nearly 40 years. He brings a fundamental understanding of the key elements needed to make successful investments in new enterprises. His first company grew from a new start to the leading teller and platform systems provider to financial institutions throughout the United States in five years. His second company is now the leading provider of utility meter reading systems in the world. Mr. Lynch directed a major collegiate research center in Washington State.  In a three year time period he was able to secure institutional funding for twenty three opportunities.  Mr. Lynch went on to become a general partner in a venture capital firm in Spokane, Washington.  In this capacity he was the lead investor in a backup power provider to telecommunication companies. Since that investment the company has grown a multiple of over 180 times in seven years.

Mr. Lynch was the director of Spartan Ventures Validation Fund, a subsidiary of the Michigan State University Foundation. Under his leadership the Spartan Ventures Validation Fund has developed a highly successful market de-risking program.  Mr. Lynch has close working relationships with almost all the regional Venture Capital firms.