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Foreigners Finance More Diverse Ventures to Obtain U.S. Visas

 What do these things have in common: an Idaho gold mine, a proposed wind farm in central Washington, a new hotel in Portland, and the replacement floating bridge across Lake Washington?

They're all investment vehicles for well-to-do families seeking U.S. green cards. Under U.S. immigration law, wealthy foreigners can get a green card by investing at least half a million dollars to create at least ten jobs here. In the Northwest, an increasingly diverse range of projects are competing for such foreign investment.


Investor Visa a Welcome Solution for Some 

Canadian Jordan Gagner and his wife had a problem a few years ago. They needed to relocate to a drier, desert climate. Somewhere like Arizona.

"My wife has a rheumatoid arthritis condition. Being from Vancouver, Canada, I'm not sure you could pick a worse climate for her condition,” Gagner said.

At first glance, the prospects for permanently relocating south of the border looked daunting.

“Being a self-employed wealth manager and a teacher, those are two occupations that are not on the top ten lists of visas being given to foreigners to come down to the U.S.,” said Gagner. “Trying to get an executive visa of some sort would've been very hard to do."  Read...