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Twistee Treat: New EB-5 Kid on the block, but needs $ 1 million;

Orlando, FL, April 18, 2012 

Twistee Treat: New EB-5 Kid on the block, but needs $ 1 million;

Twistee Treat is a Florida based company involved in the retail ice cream business. The Twistee Treat cone shaped building and ice cream have been around since 1983. The 20’ high and 20’ wide fiberglass cone buildings have housed America’s favorite Twistee Treat ice cream. Twistee Treat’s long history of serving up the best ice cream experience is legendary! The Twistee Treat cone buildings will soon dot America’s landscape again, reminding us of how great ice cream can be. The company’s philosophy is old fashioned – turn every guest into a fan. Over the years there have been millions!
First company in USA offering a US Green Card to invertors and their family members with a investment of one million dollars.
In order to expand its business, the new management of Twistee Treat has come up with a plan to attract foreign investors willing to make an investment of one million dollars in two ice cream stores and at the same time obtain US Green Card under the EB-5 category. Each store employs 12-14 full-time employees, easily meeting the EB-5 requirement of creating at least 10 jobs.  There is no need to satisfy regional center requirement and direct and indirect job creation requirement.
All stores are run and managed by the parent company as investors are based generally based abroad and may not possess the necessary skills to manage the store. However, if the investor has sufficient skills and know-how regarding operating the store, the parent company is open to giving full autonomy to the investor. The company plans to expand the Twistee Treat franchise to all southern states of USA. In the next 5 years, the company aims to open at least 500 stores.
The company has received unprecedented response from investors all over the world due to its straight forward plan and investor-friendly approach. Twistee Treat in this sense is a trend setter and it will not be suspiring if other brands join the bandwagon of attracting foreign investors for expanding their businesses USA.
Twistee Treat also plans to go global and willing to give master franchises to its foreign investors - who have helped the company to expand its operations in USA, and who will then take TT to their respective countries. In this way, the company plans to kill two birds with one store!
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