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Rojas & Butcher, P.L.

Rojas & Butcher, P.L.

Business and Immigration Law Firm in Fort Myers, FL

Bradley W. Butcher, P.L. is a Fort Myers, Florida law firm committed to providing high quality representation to meet each client's unique needs in the areas of:

For more details about our real estate, association, employment, and small business law practices, visit our Practice Areas page.

Our focus as a Fort Myers immigration firm

As a Fort Myers immigration law firm in Florida, we help clients in all aspects of immigration. From acquiring non-immigrant and immigrant visas to providing deportation defense and effective litigation in federal courts, we offer a wide range of services. When you meet with our experienced immigration lawyer in Fort Myers, we discuss your immigration objectives and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Fort Myers immigration lawyers—working with families

Through family-based immigration, the Fort Myers immigration law firm of Bradley W. Butcher, P.L. often helps family members sponsor relatives to re-unite with their families. Our legal expertise proves invaluable for clients trying to:

  • Obtain immigrant visas
  • Adjust to permanent residency
  • Apply for U.S. citizenship

Immigration laws are complex, and the consequences of a wrong action can result in delays or denial. Overstaying a visa, non-compliance with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements, or prior criminal convictions can thwart attempts at immigration or result in deportation proceedings. This creates stress and frustration for immigrating families.

Consulting with a Fort Myers immigration law firm such as Bradley W. Butcher, P.L. can help you avoid certain pitfalls connected with immigration law and ensure you follow guidelines.

Legal help for employment-based immigration

Businesses look for cost-effective solutions to fill positions and frequently require legal help with employment-based immigration. The combination of our extensive business knowledge and immigration expertise makes our firm ideal for working with businesses that have immigration requirements, concerns, or issues in Florida.

We consult with companies and foreign individuals about—

  • Obtaining business visas
  • Determining the most appropriate visa categories for prospective employment
  • Properly following the application process
  • Whether seeking to obtain temporary or permanent immigration status, many business clients rely on our legal expertise to make the right decisions. We help companies by—
  • Saving them time
  • Expediting the immigration process whenever possible
  • Presenting innovative immigration solutions
  • Using effective legal strategies to help them accomplish their objectives

Consult a Fort Myers immigration law firm

We are confident we can meet your business, employment, workers compensation, real estate, or immigration needs through competent and efficient representation. Discuss your legal matters with one of our immigration attorneys in Fort Myers in a confidential consultation today. Contact Bradley W. Butcher, P.L. online or call (866) 385-9010 today.