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Pearl Law Group

With a practice of professionals devoted to business immigration, we are big enough to have the best resources available — such as Technology, legal update services, full complement of legal resources — yet small enough to be flexible, responsive and free of bureaucracy. PROVING THERE IS A BETTER WAY Pearl Law Group Attorneys From the outset, we’ve been making it on our merits by being innovative, resourceful and reliable. We emphasize the can-do approach to business immigration law — we know how to expedite matters and we explore all legal and safe options for clients. We continually devise new systems and software solutions for excelling in our field. Most of all, we truly partner with our clients. Our watchward is Accountability. We share more information than any other firm we know, including real-time case-progress updates and reports of actual case turnaround times. Innovation aside, we embrace the old-fashioned way of building up trust — day by day. How We Differ How do we turn around cases so quickly, with such a high approval rate? We’ve found that quality customer service in our field is a function of four things: PEOPLE We hire the best people and reward them well. A-plus performers, attorneys and other staff alike, chosen for their smarts and attitude. We thoroughly check customer satisfaction histories and test for detail-orientation. TRAINING We offer so much free training to our client-partners, and we provide daily, weekly, and monthly updates to our legal staff, because it really pays. There is no substitute for knowledgeable teams in a field with such fast-changing law and policy. RESOURCES We leverage tools, from benchmarking reports on corporate immigration policies to our nationally acclaimed Software (for faster case preparation and meeting target dates, web-based tracking for clients and extensive reports). TIME By keeping caseloads at manageable sizes, we give paralegals and attorneys the time they need to be proactive and to allow them to respond quickly to clients. By accepting only the number of clients we can handle well, we ensure that superb work is our norm. Compare our average weekly filings-per-paralegal with those of other firms. It’s a simple principle, easily overlooked in the flat-fee service world.