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Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm

The Value of an U.S. Immigration Law Professional If you broke your leg, would you seek a brain surgeon? No. You would probably locate an orthopedic surgeon for treatment. Like the practice of medicine, there are many areas of U.S. law. Attorneys may choose to limit their practice so that their clients can take advantage of their deep knowledge and experience in those areas. Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm limits its practice to U.S. immigration law setting itself apart from other areas of practice. We pride ourselves on our profound understanding of U.S. immigration law, which is constantly evolving. The practice of U.S. immigration law is also complex. The dense bureaucracies that are the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the United States Department of State (USDOS), the United States Department of Labor (USDOL), the United States Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) present a challenge to foreign nationals and employers desiring to successfully navigate applications through them. Garfinkel Immigration’s value is in its ability to make the immigration process as smooth as possible. Our lawyers and paralegals know U.S. immigration law. Steven H. Garfinkel is nationally-recognized by his peers and is a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in U.S. immigration law. All of our attorneys have dedicated their careers to the practice of U.S. immigration law. A number of our paralegals have worked for Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm for many years or have previous experience with U.S. immigration law. This means that our clients should expect thorough advice, experienced staff, streamlined processes, current technology and timely responses to their questions and queries, whether e-mailed, faxed, phoned or in-person. Although a commitment to the practice of U.S. immigration law and our attention to providing quality, prompt, and accurate service have made Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm the largest immigration law firm in Charlotte and one of the largest immigration law firms in the Southeastern U.S., our client base is not limited geographically. We represent clients around the U.S. and the world including one of the largest U.S. financial institutions, one of the largest Southeastern U.S. healthcare providers, one of the largest automobile parts manufacturers, multiple educational systems, colleges and universities, biotechnology companies and information technology providers. If you are seeking an experienced professional to assist you or your company with a U.S. visa, green card, deportation/removal defense, or an application for citizenship, please allow Garfinkel Immigration, an experienced immigration law firm, to assist you with the process.