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Cynthia Aikman


123 Main St.
Syracuse, New York 00212
United States
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Economic Development Expert
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New York

Cynthia Aikman


Cynthia Aikman

Cynthia has successfully prepared business owners to step into new opportunities by acting as a process partner, making connections to and with human, financial and information resources.  She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs with a concentration in finance. Cynthia brings a wealth of planning expertise and business cultivation knowledge to the process of leading emerging and growing companies to their highest potential. Her unique style of direct communication coupled with emotional intelligence makes her a sought-after process partner for many CEOs and executive managers. 

Cynthia has twenty years of economic development and business development experience.  She is also currently serves as an elected county legislator engaged in gaining a new perspective on local economic development.

Experience with State (NY specifically) and local sources of funding:

  • SBA
  • State
  • Local - Industrial Development Bonds

The people side of sourcing financing, property tax abatements, mortgage tax  reductions, sales tax exceptions