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Elliot Winer
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Elliot Winer


Winer Economic Consulting specializes in Targeted Employment Area (TEA) analysis within the EB-5 program. As the founder of Northeast Economic Analysis Group (NEEAG) and its Chief Economist in 2010 and Winer Economic Consulting in 2015, Elliot Winer, has a particular expertise in evaluating and developing potential (TEAs) and has received over 900 TEA designations in more than 35 states. He has extensive experience working with state and local governments throughout the nation to secure TEA certifications that abide by USCIS and individual state rules and regulations.
We have been able to successfully analyze, predict and determine the probability that an area within a state may qualify as a TEA as of the time of the analysis. We work with the client to coordinate and present authoritative documentation to the local or state governing department or entity for quick verification and expected designation of the requested TEA. The submitted documentation will address the unique requirements of each individual state.
The primary scope of our TEA services includes a preliminary evaluation, a complete and thorough analysis document presented to government authorities, and recommendations. In addition, the scope of our TEA services includes peer review services, teleconferencing, personal presentations (if required), follow-up letters of review to public authorities, and re-evaluations and recertifications. We also evaluate the potential status of a TEA under the rural criteria and if applicable, prepare the appropriate documentation as local and state governing authorities are not authorized to certify rural status.
We are also affiliated with a wide range of well qualified professionals in such fields as economics, business, development, legal, and real estate.
Our other non TEA related services include: 
     Private and public professional economic analysis and assistance  
     Economic and demographic analysis and labor market and career information  
     Forensic economics and research
     Interacting with and providing commentary for major print and electronic media  
     Public speaking engagements



Elliot Winer

Prior to establishing NEEAG, for twelve years Elliot Winer was the Chief Economist and Director of Economic Analysis for the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development. He managed a select unit of highly skilled professional economists who performed sophisticated economic analyses. Elliot prepared numerous economic reports, briefing papers, and monthly economic press releases and regularly interacted with the major print and electronic media on all economic matters. He coordinated the development of such widely acclaimed Massachusetts labor market information publications as ‘Career Moves’ and the ‘Regional Labor Market Information Profiles’ and managed both the Industry and Occupational Employment Forecasts for Massachusetts and the design and development of a new Job Vacancy Survey, which addressed the concerns about labor and skill shortages. Elliot was the recipient of the Commonwealth Corporation 2005 Excellence in Research and Evaluation Award. He has over 35 years experience in the field of labor market economics. Elliot has served on various economic advisory boards and is currently a member of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) Executive Advisory Board. Elliot holds a BS degee from the Syracuse Universty Matin J. Whitman School of Management and an MBA degree from the University of Maryland.