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EB-5 Investment and Regional Center Development Workshop

August 30, 2010 09:00 - August 30, 2010

Location: 155 N Wacker Drive at Chicago, United States John Buck Building

Immigration attorneys, businesses considering EB-5 capital, those wishing to establish EB-5 Regional Centers and existing EB-5 Regional Centers are invited to a one-day EB-5 workshop in Chicago.

The EB-5 program was created to attract immigrant investors to the United States to invest capital, create jobs and stimulate the economy. The workshop will be led by experienced EB-5 professionals who have authored more than 15 Regional Center applications, as well as numerous project-specific business plans and econometric analyses.

The workshop will be led by experienced EB-5 professionals who have authored more than 15 Regional Center applications, as well as numerous project-specific business plans and econometric analyses:

• Joseph C. McCarthy, an immigration attorney with the law firm of McAdam & McCarthy, has successfully represented more than ten Regional Centers. He is a member of the American Immigration Law Association (AILA) and the Legislative Committee Chair with Invest in USA (IIUSA), a national trade association of EB-5 Regional Centers.

• Michael Homeier and Jor Law, partners with corporate law firm Homeier & Law, have successfully assisted multiple EB-5 Regional Centers in structuring their EB-5 enterprises, drafting the required offering memoranda, and preparing their business for EB-5 investment. Both attorneys are frequent presenters at EB-5 industry events, such as conferences held by the American Immigration Law Association, State Bar of California and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

• Kevin Wright, an economist with the consulting firm Wright Johnson, LLC based in West Palm Beach, FL, has prepared economic analyses for Regional Center proposals and individual business projects.

• Suzanne Lazicki, founder of Lucid Professional Writing, has assisted many Regional Centers with preparing USCIS-compliant EB-5 businesses plan. With an intermediate A level certificate in Mandarin Chinese, Ms. Lazicki also provides translation verification services.

• Peter Joseph, interim executive director for IIUSA, heads the 501(c)(6) not-for-profit industry trade association made up of Regional Centers, attorneys, consultants and other EB-5 service providers. Formed in 2005, IIUSA is dedicated to being a unified voice for making the EB-5 Regional Center program permanent. IIUSA retains representation in Washington, D.C., to advocate the Association’s positions to Congress, USCIS and other federal agencies.

• Brian Terwilliger, vice president of business development at NES Financial specializing in complex multiparty escrows, has assisted several EB-5 Regional Centers with the transfer of foreign investment to local projects in accordance with USCIS standards.

The workshop is designed for:

• Immigration attorneys: The EB-5 program is a highly beneficial permanent residence option for the wealthy individual.
• Businesses considering EB-5 capital: Given the current condition of the credit market, the EB-5 Investment Visa may be the answer for businesses that lack traditional capital options.
• Those wishing to establish EB-5 Regional Centers: More than 90 percent of EB-5 investment is conducted through federally approved Regional Centers.
• Existing EB-5 Regional Centers: Topics include properly setting up escrow accounts, drafting USCIS-compliant business plans, Regional Center administration and properly structuring your EB-5 enterprise.

Speakers: Joseph C. McCarthy, Michael Homeier, Jor Law, Kevin Wright, Suzanne Lazicki, Peter Joseph, Brian Terwilliger

Cost: $395

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