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Unlocking Foreign Capital through the Federal EB-5 Program

March 30, 2012 09:00 - March 30, 2012

Location: 614 Southwest 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205 at Portland, Oregon, United States The Governor Hotel,

More than $1.25 billion in EB-5 dollars invested in 2011.  Are you ready to grow your business in 2012?


Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon

  • The first major EB-5 conference in Portland, Oregon
  • New two-track program – more courses, more choices for basic and advanced EB-5 training
  • Meet EB-5 promoters from South America and Mexico
  • Hear from principals from Portland Regional Center and other Regional Centers nationwide about their experiences

Our last two conferences in Las Vegas and Chicago sold out.  We expect this conference to sell out as well – reserve your spot early to guarantee your space.

Who Should Attend

  • Developers interested in EB-5 capital
  • Business owners interested in EB-5 capital for their business
  • Attorneys specializing in immigration and business
  • EB-5 Regional Centers

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New Advanced Topics for 2012

  • Using EB-5 to Repay Interim Financing:  Recent discussions with USCIS have opened the door to using EB-5 capital to pay down interim financing.  Many projects use conventional debt sources to initiate a project, while EB-5 capital is forthcoming.  Organized correctly, the combination of interim financing and EB-5 capital means a smooth project launch with the benefits of inexpensive EB-5 capital for project sustainability.  Organized incorrectly, USCIS will deny the I-526 visa petitions for failing to meet program requirements.

  • Advanced Target Employment Area discussion: Worthy of a controversial New York Times article, perhaps the hottest EB-5 topic is the changing policies surrounding Target Employment Area (TEA) designations. Whether an EB-5 project is located in a TEA determines whether an investor is required to invest $500,000 or $1M. The current EB-5 market for investors indicates that $1M investments are considerably less successful.  Questions about how TEAs are calculated, who calculates them, at what stage it is necessary to be located in a TEA, and options for when a project is not located in TEA are becoming more critical.  You’ll hear directly from the industry experts who were intimately involved with The New York Times article.

  • Premium Processing:  This past summer, USCIS issued memoranda that contemplated premium processing or adjudication of EB-5 petitions in 15 days.  Seminar speakers who have been directly involved with dialogues with USCIS about premium processing will talk about its anticipated form and availability.

  • Using EB-5 with Alternate Capital Sources:  Experts from other alternative capital sources, such as New Market Tax Credits and Bonds, will discuss trends in the market and how these capital sources can be integrated with EB-5.

  • Potential “Sunset” of EB-5 Pilot Program:  Learn about legislative efforts to renew or make permanent the EB-5 Pilot Program (better known as the EB-5 Regional Center program).  The current program is due to sunset Sept. 30, 2012.  Learn how the sunset of the program would affect active projects and the ongoing lobbying efforts and introduced legislation to make the program permanent.

  • Recent USCIS Regional Center terminations:  Recent cases of EB-5 denials published by the Administrative Appeals Office based provide new examples of pitfalls that Regional Centers need to avoid in preparing their business plans.

Speakers: Joseph McCarthy, Jor Law, Kevin Wright, Michael Homeier, Suzanne Lazicki, Reid Thomas, Mina Tran, George W. Ekins, Clem Turner, Angelique Brunner, Elizabeth Peng, Cletus Weber, Nicolo Pinoli, Alan Pasternack, Michael Gibson

Cost: $550

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