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The Bottom Line: Capturing EB-5 Capital in China & Korea Executive Seminar

March 31, 2012 09:00 - March 31, 2012

Location: Oregon at Portland, United States Governor Hotel, Downtown Portland OR

"The Bottom Line: Capturing EB-5 Capital in China and Korea" Executive Seminar is coming to Portland, Oregon on March 31, 2012.  The one day seminar is the only EB-5 marketing technical workshop that would teach EB-5 Regional Center executives on dealing with Chinese and Korean emigration agents and investors in China and Korea market.  For the very first time, Brian Su will share his insights and expertise on Chinese emigration industry and uncover its dark side and untold stories, and guide you through the entire investors procurement process in China!  The workshop will also presents an overview  and update on the 2nd largest EB-5 market - Korea.  This seminar is exclusively designed for EB-5 regional centers, new kids on the block and old hands!  If you are marketing your projects to Chinese and Korean investors, you do not want to miss this exclusive session when you will systematically learn the following subjects: 
  • EB-5 Capital for Commercial Real Estate Projects 
  • Commercial Real Estate EB-5 Project Case Studies  
  • Chinese and Asian Inbound Investment Overview 
  • EB-5 and other Immigrant Investment Programs in the Marketplace 
  • Chinese Regulations and Position on EB-5  - New Changes and Requirements
  • EB-5 Regional Center Activities in China and Korea
  • Introduction to Chinese Emigration Service Industry  
  • Chinese Emigration Trade Associations and Their Stands on EB-5 Program 
  • Chinese Positions and Responses on Failed EB-5 Projects
  • How to Knock on the Doors of Emigration Agencies  
  • Chinese Investors and Profiles  
  • Chinese Investors Decision Making Process
  • Developing Effective Marketing Strategies  
  • Selecting and Partnering with Chinese Emigration Agencies
  • Insights on Chinese Emigration Business and Industry 
  • How a Chinese Emigration Agency Operates in the Marketplace  
  • Emigration Agency Sales Techniques and Service Procedures
  • Emigration Brokers: "Wholesaler" vs "Retailer"
  • Emigration Brokers: Sales Process and Procedures  
  • Market Perception on "Escrow" and "Insurance"  
  • Negotiations with Chinese Emigration Agencies
  • Communications with Chinese Emigration Agencies  
  • Service Fee Structures and Expenses, Broker Fees  
  • Due Diligence, Oversight on Chinese Partners 
  • Risk Management and Control in Chinese Market 
  • Dealing with Misrepresentation and Misinformation 
  • Promoting EB-5 projects at Trade Shows  
  • Verifying Investor Funds and Verification Service Providers  
  • Structuring an Offering (for new RCs)  
  • What Sells and/or NOT sells in the Marketplace
  • Communist Membership Issues  
  • Investors Fund Verification and Transfer, and 
  • Korean Market Overview, an much more...
The event is to be taking place at historical Governor Hotel  in downtown Portland. Very limited space, register early. For details, log on for event info.

Speakers: Brian Su

Cost: Vary

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Posted By: Artisan Business Group, Inc.

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