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Xiaojuan "Carrie" Huang 黄小娟律师


3513 Concord Pike, Ste 3100
Wilmington, Delaware 19803
United States
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Bankruptcy: Consumer, Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Corporate Governance & Compliance, Immigration, Nationality and Consular Law, Personal Injury Plaintiff: General, Personal Injury Plaintiff: Medical Malpractice, Experienced EB-5 Attorney, EB-5 Regional Center Application Submission Provider, EB-1 Immigration Expert
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English, Chinese (Mandarin)

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Xiaojuan "Carrie" Huang 黄小娟律师

Xiaojuan "Carrie" Huang 黄小娟律师

Xiaojuan Huang is a licensed attorney in Delaware. Before moving to the United States, Xiaojuan worked for the Supreme Court of Hunan Province in China. After graduating with a J.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, she worked for the Law Office of Bruce Hudson (Hudson and Castle LLC) for five years. Her practice focuses on immigration, business formation, International transaction/trade, consumer bankruptcy, as well as personal injury and medical malpractice. She has helped many businesses from China to set up a Delaware business entity and has successfully represented business, professional, investors, and numerous individuals in the United States in a board scope of legal matters including immigration, commercial transaction, and consumer bankruptcy. Being intensively engaged in personal injury and medical malpractice practice, she has gained valuable experience in litigation and has participated in many trials in various Delaware courts.

黄小娟律师毕业于南京大学法学院(L.L.B),美国华盛顿大学法学院(J.D.),持有特拉华州律师执照。 现任美国移民律师协会会员,美国个人破产律师协会会员,特拉华律师协会会员,特拉华庭审律师联合会会员,还具备美国联邦法庭特拉华区执业律师资格。黄小娟 律师曾就职于湖南省高级人民法院, HUDSON & CASTLE LAW。 她拥有丰富的庭审经验,曾参与经办众多人身伤害,医疗事故索赔案件, 为客户赢得过百万的高额赔偿。黄小娟律师精通移民法律业务,成功地办理了各类职业移民,家庭移民,工作签证,投资移民案件。


Xiaojuan "Carrie" Huang 黄小娟律师