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Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen

EB-5 Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

The Strategic Element team works with EB-5 developers to help them to assess whether EB-5 is the right move to meet their needs.  For those who have decided to move ahead Strategic Element develops regional centers and custom 'direct' EB-5 projects. For those that only need business plans, Strategic Element develops strong EB-5 business plans that get results.  We serve law firms and EB-5 developers across North America.

EB-5 Business Plans

Strategic Element works with immigration attorneys and regional center founders to develop strong EB-5 business plans that get results.  We serve EB-5 developers across North America.  Strategic Element has been a team member on over 5 projects, which are raising (or have raised) over $3 billion in EB-5 capital. That means that we are familiar with how to write plans that work.  We represent the required information in a manner that makes sense and makes it easy for adjudicators to find information they need in a manner that is properly documented and supported, and which clearly establishes the viability of your project.

Economic Impact Reports 

The economic impact report is a critical piece of a regional center project submission that is intending to claim indirect job creation. This report calculates indirect job creation, based on validated inputs for the project. Strategic Element’s economist team includes PhD economists who are experienced with the nuances of EB-5. We have worked with many economists since launching our EB-5 services in 2010; this has given us a unique insight into this intricate practice as well as the opportunity to see many different approaches. Ultimately, this served as the basis for the formation of our own team when we launched our in-house economic impact report practice.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are becoming an increasingly important component of EB-5 projects today. While they are not officially required by USCIS, these studies have become a standard part of EB-5 hotel and hospitality plans, and are being more frequently used in all manner of EB-5 projects, when the business plan's projections and viability require further substantiation. In addition, an increasingly competitive and busy EB-5 market space feasibility studies can play a large part in EB-5 investors' decision-making process.




EB-5 Project Development

Is EB-5 the solution you are looking for?

Strategic Element works with EB-5 project developers to set up regional centers and projects. Let us put together your EB-5 team, consisting of the top minds in the business, in order to maximize your chances of success and to manage the whole process under one roof. Our formal project management approach ensures that the many important details and nuances involved in this process will be properly managed and that your project is put together with the best advice on getting approval and selling your deal to investors.  Strategic Element recently released the industry's leading guide for entrepreneurs, called "The EB-5 Definitive Guide" (see: for more information).  Understanding the unique business requirements of a regional center including unique administrative and marketing considerations involved, ensures taking off in the right direction and avoiding costly mistakes. 

We have experience with the development of strategic plans and business plans for a wide variety of industries including:

  • Hotels
  • Casual and Fine Dining
  • Assisted Living
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Real Estate
  • Technology/ Telecom
  • Membership-based
  • Retail
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Consulting

Get it right the first time:  our experience enables us to help at a deeper level, by developing plans and financial models that are solid, and able meet USCIS standards. 

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Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen is the founder and president of Strategic Element as well as the Editor-in-Chief of The EB-5 Definitive Guide (see: for more information). Phil has a long history of developing businesses, business concepts and products, dating back to 1993. With a career that began in the manufacturing sector, and grew to include new developments in technology and a variety of start-ups, Phil has progressively built up experience in the area of new business development with a focus on transforming ideas in to viable business models.

Phil has worked with large public companies as well as small and mid-sized start-ups and businesses.

Beyond the development of business concepts, models and plans, Phil has taken a hands-on role in the launch of several businesses and business initiatives. In so doing he has faced firsthand the realities and challenges faced by new businesses. This firsthand experience has provided him with the insight and real-life exposure necessary to develop businesses and business plans that work.

Strategic Element has been a team member on projects raising over $3 billion in EB-5 capital to date, including both 'Direct' and regional center projects.