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EB-5 Project Research, Due Diligence & Analysis, Financial Analysis, Business Plan Development, Mathematical Financial Analysis, Economist, Business Valuation
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English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese
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Taylor Cottam

Taylor Cottam is the source for news, projects and information about EB-5 Regional Centers and their investment projects. We guide you to analysts, economists, accountants, statisticians and mathematicians that produce EB-5 Regional Center project comparative analysis reports for foreign national investors based on topics covering job creation methodology, the strategic plan, management, risk factors, risk mitigation, safety, return, exit strategy, escrow and industry overview among many others.


Taylor Cottam

Taylor brings deep experience in Capital Markets/Treasury both internationally as well as experience in asset management, deal structuring and risk management.  He assists USAdvisors with developing and expanding complex financial models using both traditional and non-traditional risk based analysis techniques.  His principal role is in helping analyze risk using USAdvisor’s proprietary models, value and stress test complex cash-flow modelling for various complex EB-5 structures and investments.

Taylor's principal role is to help evaluate both the systematic and non-systematic risk found in EB-5 visa Regional Center projects beign offered to investors and compare those with similar structures both within that industry and among EB5 projects being offered.  This role is crucial to understanding and measuring the risk involved in the project offerings and his experience brings a wealth of knowledge to our reporting.

11/2009        Financial Risk Manager (FRM) – Certified by Global Association of Risk Professionals
08/2007        Chartered Financial Analyst – CFA® Charterholder 
01/2001 – 12/2001    INSEAD/Wharton MBA Programme France/Singapore
09/1989 – 04/1996    Brigham Young University    Provo, UT

Investment Banker/ Consultant

Salt Lake City

  • Developed multimillion dollar Private Equity proposals for companies in Mauritius, Brazil and United States for THG Finance Group. 
  • Modelled cash flows for loan programs and managed credit risk for portfolio of surgery loans for First Health Funding, Inc.
  • Designed and presented training courses for real estate valuation and cash flow modelling for companies in Mauritius and Rwanda Social Security Fund.  

GMAC     11/2005 – 10/2009         Trader/Risk Manager – GMAC Ally Bank             Canada

  • Reduced Interest Rate Risk in Mark-to-Market book from unhedged to 10K DV01.  Position included deposits, mortgages, IO strips, auto loans, commercial loans, Treasuries, plain-vanilla swaps and futures. 
  • Built valuation models for amortizing swaps, bootstrapping forward curve, valuing MBS, ABS, Residuals and deposits using SQL, Excel, VBA and Bloomberg.
  • Formulated and implemented the Resmor/GMAC liquidity policy with the CRO.
  • Designed ALCO deck and Asset/Liability framework in Canadian entity for monthly ALCO and weekly Capital Markets meetings.  
  • Funded and Securitized about 100MM per month CMHC insured mortgages to TD, RBC and other investors.

11/2005 – 04/2008     Global Management Program – GMAC Rescap        Minneapolis, The Hague

Program would choose top performers and place them into key sectors of the global business.  Designed to gain exposure to Risk Management, Treasury, Asset-Liability Management, Deal Structuring and M&A  

  • Modelled treasury facility pipeline in Netherlands, Germany and Spain to a 10% tolerance, freeing up repo facility during period of extremely challenging liquidity.
  • Managed P/L for 4.5BB/Month mortgage pipeline for GMAC Bank and RFC. Responsible for over 5MM in Net income. Increased volume by 30%.
  • Responsible for client negotiations for incentives, sub-debt and sub-servicing.  Changed decision making framework from ad-hoc to one based upon ROEC hurdle of 15%. 

Guild Finance Corp
07/2003 – 11/2005     Assistant VP/Trader – Secondary Marketing              San Diego, CA

Guild Financial Corporation is one of the largest private mortgage finance companies originating 3 billion dollars in mortgages p.a. and services a 3 billion dollar portfolio. 

  • Hedged interest-rate risk from 200MM dollar loan pipeline with FNMA TBAs. 
  • Created best execution pricing models for whole loans and bulk mortgage pools.
  • Traded whole loans and MBS to JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, etc

HGC Financial Group
03/2002 – 07/2003    Acquisitions and Investment Analyst              

San Diego, CA

The HGC Financial Group purchases, trades and packages mortgage portfolios on the secondary market.  Manages over 40 million dollars of assets (par value). 

  • Structured 50MM dollar debt issue with Private Equity investors. 
  • Created business plan and financial statements for investor reporting.
  • Financed mortgage asset acquisitions and business acquisitions to eliminate debt.

Alltel Information Services 
01/1998 – 12/2000     Sr. Consultant Dallas, TX
Alltel Financial has been bought by Fidelity National Financial and performs technology and management consulting for financial services markets. 

  • Advised McKinsey and Company on technology issues associated with Spanish Bank Acquisition of Peruvian retail bank.
  • Directed Y2K engagement for RHB Bank in Malaysia.  Managed 65 resources engaged in modifying and testing over 50 banking applications. 
  • Managed and resolved Y2K project related issues for Interbank in Peru. Made frequent presentations to CEO and senior executives on project health.
  • Advised Malaysian bank on technology and operations.  Reported results directly to bank C-level executives. 

04/1996 – 12/1997    Analyst Plano, TX

Strategic Banking Systems

  • Developed software for Bank One to manage accounts of stocks, foreign currencies, insurances and mutual funds.
  • Presented software and cost/benefits analysis to C-level bank executives for Suruga Bank of Japan.

EconomyPolitics                  Editor and contributor on world economy and markets
Seeking Alpha     Contributor            Interest Rates, MBS and Canadian Banks
10/2008 – Secondary Market Executive    Regular Contributor

Microsoft Excel expert, Access, VBA, SQL, Bloomberg
Languages:  Fluent: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese; Conversational: French.