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FuDong Cultural Dissemination Co.,LTD is a conglomerate company that includes financial media program, financial derivatives product development, production and sales. The company adopts a group work process and it has many wholly-owned subsidiary companies, including two professional TV financial programs production companies certified by China State Administration of Radio film and Television: BeiJing FuDong Media Technology Co,LTD and Shanghai FuDong Media Technology Co,LTD., It also holds two other companies legally authorized to do the securities and investment consulting services: HarBin New Thinking Investment Consulting Co, Ltd., GuangZhou Good Fortune Investment Co, Ltd., as well as many other sales companies selling financial derivative products.

BeiJing and Shanghai FuDong Cultural Dissemination Co. LTD uses three different broadcasting: Satellite TV Programming, Digital TV Programming and Online Video. These are the two largest and most influential Financial Media Companies in China. At the moment, a lot of Financial programs made by them are broadcasted via satellite TV: “Stock World” by HuBei TV, “Win at the starting point” by GuangXi TV, “School for New Security” and “Number Guide” Financial program by China Education Channel. These shows are among some of the most popular programs in Chinese Television. Beside all of above, Shanghai FuDong independently operate all prime time financial programs in Shanghai TV station under the name of Shanghai WenGuan. This program analyzes real-time trading and is highly rated by TV viewers. To meet the need of many Internet video viewers, they also produce an online interactive video program called “Win at the trading” draw a lot Internet users attention.

The Company has been using humanized management style, the accumulation of human resources as a primer prerequisite for the development of the company. We already have the best Financial TV producer team in China, the majority of our producers are from HUBEI Satellite Financial TV Program, Inner Mongolia Satellite TV Financial Program and CCTV ; all of them are the main-stream TV stations in China. The chairman of board, Hong-Wu Yang, has received great success in the Chinese Financial TV programming: All his financial TV programs were rated in the TOP 5, including “Stock and Wealth”, “successful stock trader”, “Snowball”, “The Stock World”, “Play with the number”, hosted by many famous anchors such as An-long Zhuo, wei-min Yan, zhiwei Hu, Nan Li.

FuDong Cultural Dissemination Co.LTD has a very influential team of financial professionals, as well as a high-level management team in the software industry. It also has the high degree of focus on financial security, Internet and computer software technology groups. Clear business goal, multiple market channels, a strong technical group, and advanced management system led the company to excel. The company has developed best quality software as well, including “Snowball Market Monitor”, “Good Fortune Monitor” based on the trade data of Shanghai Security Exchange. The company believes that“customer need are always first” provides them with best service, feedback and products. Investors can always get the most accurate, professional, and timely financial information from them. The investor’s knowledge is improved and their wealthy is accumulated through the program. The company always share the financial benefit brought by fast growing China economy with all investors.