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WELCOME TO EB5INFO.COM the source for news and information on the USCIS EB-5 Visa Immigrant Investor program and is powered by USAdvisors, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, that performs independent Risk Analysis and Due Diligence on EB-5 Visa Regional Center projects to help clients make educated decisions based on facts related to the EB-5 Visa investment.  The site's purpose is to inform and educate potential EB-5 visa investors and their counsel on the securities and immigration issues related to making an informed EB-5 visa investment. 

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We are independent financial analysts, economists, accountants, statisticians and mathematicians that produce EB-5 Visa Regional Center project comparative analysis reports for foreign national investors based on topics covering job creation methodology, the strategic plan, management, risk factors, risk mitigation, safety, return, exit strategy, escrow and industry overview among many others.  We have developed an approach to quantitatively assess the risks involved with the two key questions of the EB-5 visa project investment decision:

1. What is the probability that the jobs will be created within the time allotted and that those jobs will be acceptable to USCIS ? 

2. What is the probability that principal will be returned at term?  Is the exit strategy clearly defined and achievable?

This empirical analysis provides the foreign national investor with the information they need from an independent, professional resource that will help guide them to making the best possible investment decision for them and their family.

Our clients are referred to us by the top immigration, tax and general practice law firms as well as Private Banks, wealth management firms and other financial advisory professionals who need substantive information on the risks involved in these highly illiquid, private placement investments.

We do not accept EB-5 Regional Center's Finders Fees. Our goal is to provide accurate, reliable information on the risks associated with the EB-5 Visa investment, developers and asset class and inform our clients on which projects have the highest probabilities of success to both create jobs and return the capital invested.

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